Tomasz Rucki, Italian/Polish Hardstyle Dj/Producer, now known as The Eretik, was fascinatedsince his youth by electronic music and in particular by hardstyle genre. In 2006 he releases his first vinyl on Butterfly Experience, and from there for another four years he has released tracks on various labels such as IMP Music, Bionic, Detonation, Sixth Sense and Hard Hammer. He received there his firsts important feedbacks from the big artist of the scene. He was given the opportunity to perform in clubs and events such as Shock!, Number One, Florida, Dorian Gray, Area Mito, Duplè, Sound of Nature (Slovenia) and many more. In 2012 his new project "The Eretik" brings to life by producing with the most known Dj Zatox the track called "Bitch Slap" supported by various Dj’s which is included in the official Dvd/Blu-ray disc of the Qlimax for the Zatox Dj Set. With the goal of trying to create something different in the scene by using heavier sounds, this project captured the attention of the Dj Super Marco May, label manager of Blackout Records, which gives him the opportunity to cultivate this adventure. In March 2014 The Eretik enters into Blackout Rec where he releases some tracks. One of these tracks boasts the featuring with the one and only Mc Ruffian. Future goals? Works with determination and passion looking to have more space in the hard scene and releasing tracks with increased quality.